Thursday, May 17, 2012

Contemporary Dancing vs. Ballet Dancing

In this post I will blog about the differences between contemporary dance and ballet dance. I will also blog about the similarities too. People often get these two types of dancing confused. They think that if someone is dancing to slow music doing slow movement, that it is automatically ballet. This assumption is incorrect.

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"Contemporary dancing refers to forms of dance that are derived from more modern techniques, rather than traditional styles of dance, and is not necessarily an entirely different kind of dancing." Contemporary is a very popular type of dance now. Whenever I go to competitions now and I perform my solo dance, there are always mostly contemporary solos. This type of dance is a really nice way to let yourself go while you dance. Contemporary can make you feel free whenever you do it. In contemporary loose clothing is often worn. 

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Ballet is defined as a classic type of dance that was formed around the time of the Renaissance. Ballet is rarely performed at competitions today, but it still is a popular type of dance. Tutus are often worn for this type of dance.

Ballet dancing and contemporary dancing do have many different similarities. One similarity they have is the type of music that is used for the dances. "They both use slow music. The difference in their music is that when someone does a contemporary dance it has many different types of music that can be used. You could use rock, r&b, some techno, and many more. While with ballet most people use classical music from a orchestra when they perform." 

Another similarity between contemporary and ballet is that they both have slow movement. Although they both have slow movement, there is a big difference from the movements used in contemporary and ballet dancing. Sometimes contemporary isn't slow. There are some contemporary dances that are very fast and upbeat. In contemporary dancing there is more variety in the moves. While in ballet there are very soft, and delicate moves. Plus in ballet your posture is way more important than it is in contemporary dancing. 


  1. This is a very good blog. I took dance for 6 years before I had to quit and I had also often heard people make comments about contemporary and ballet being the same. I am glad you clarified the differences and similarities. Good job on your post.

  2. Thanks, I always hear people getting the two dances confused so I thought I should blog about it. I'm glad you liked it.

  3. This is a really good post and both dances are pretty great to learn. They are really confusing because they are very similar. Thank you for explaining.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yes they are very similar dances.

  4. Contempirary nowhere near ballet in every point you look at... It's like circuit racing versus Formula-1... Who fail, and cannot do it choose easy way out, which is contemporary... Ballet is absolute highest level dancing ever invented by human kind :)

  5. .I feel as though Contemporary was derived from Classical Ballet, however as you stated, is a much more modern and free style. There are many elements of ballet present in the contemporary style and studying classical ballet will definitely enhance your contemporary dance skill as Ballet is the centre genre for all types of dance, even tap. However studying contemporary does not necessarily enhance your ballet ability. In the lyricism they are similar but in other aspects, I would argue, not so much. Lovely blog though :)

  6. Well not *all* styles of dance (African, Indian, Hip-Hop, etc.)